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Principal Biostatisticians

With an average of 22 years in the industry, Instat's co-founders and principal biostatisticians have direct involvement in your projects. Their expertise will guide you through your projects’ unique challenges, leading to successful study completion. Your biostatistician is readily accessible during your project, answering calls and responding to emails. The Instat experience provides smooth execution and reliable partnerships.

Seasoned Data Experts

At the heart of Instat are its experts, and our Clinical Data Management team is no exception. Each and every team member at Instat is hand-picked by our leadership and chosen for their industry experience and cultural fit. We are dedicated to producing high quality deliverables and making Instat an incredible place to work. With near-zero team member turnover, you can count on our consistency and high quality output for the duration of your projects.

Regulatory Submissions

Instat will help you navigate through the critical regulatory submission process. Our biostatisticians have been instrumental in supporting small and large businesses as they prepare for various regulatory submissions to the FDA as well as to global regulatory agencies. We have successfully worked on BLAs, NDAs, MAAs, CSRs and converting data to CDISC, among other regulatory work.

Small Pharma

Instat has extensive experience working with small Pharma and Biotech companies. We aren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and provide services wherever needed. We know how important every study and every decision is at this critical stage. Whether you’re working on your first study or first submission, we are there to launch your small company to a breakthrough.

Specialized Studies

Tackling tough issues associated with specialized studies is what we do. We work with sponsors to craft the right strategies, designs and study endpoints. We have supported traditional controlled clinical trials, longitudinal and observational studies, and translational studies working with geneticists that identify and qualify new biomarkers, to name a few. Instat has the depth of knowledge across many therapeutic areas and phases, and from our knowledge, we provide innovative and comprehensive solutions.

Statistical Programming

Instat’s core strength is its superior programming. All biostatisticians at Instat are expert programmers, creating a cohesive team that produces the best algorithms and solutions. In addition, we have developed advanced techniques and technologies to solve the often repetitive issues in your data. We accomplish this with a complex process of transforming, analyzing and reporting summaries and findings of your data. Experienced programmers utilizing advanced techniques and technologies creates the Instat experience we’re known for.

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